About Us

The Power Of Design To Create A Better World

GOLDENWALL DECORATES Is a leading and most favorite Brand Name for 3D WALL PANELS in India. It established In 2018 at Faridabad. In a very short period, this company has flourished and transformed into one of The most trusted interior designing solutions providers in the market, Widely recognized as GOLDENWALL DECORATES, our organization is now considered one of the best Manufacturers of PVC/WPC/ACRYLIC And CAST 3 Dimensional wall panels. The passion and dedication to introduce new designs and textures In different types of products have helped us in creating refreshing products. Our aim is to keep innovating to improve our own products in order to meet the requirements of our clients more effectively.


Our 3D Wall Panel display a unique blend of sturdy built and stunning designs. This is in-line with our core principles of delivering impeccable reliability without compromising with a ravishing appearance of the end-product .Our products are designed to tackle the conventional problems of rotting, swelling, splitting or delamination that you might struggle to combat in wood products.
The material of these products doesn’t get damaged by insects, moisture or other potential threats from the environment. It won’t be wrong to say that our products display the perfect amalgamation of science and art in a seamless overlap of one over the other You can always put your trust in us for top-of-the-line products. So, choose our products for an ideal combination of ornamental and functional properties.


We promise that once you get to know about us, it won’t take you much time to choose us as your partner to enhance the decor of your residential or commercial facility. Stylish appearance or a hint of glam, whatever is in your mind for the new look of your space, we’ve the perfection to deliver the right products. CLASSIC DECORATES offers a collection of modern and contemporary wall designs. 3D Wall Panels with many different designs, varying from basic or industrial to modern or romantic: each design has its own look and creates a unique atmosphere.


At present, we have a production unit where we work with fully Automatic machinery which can produce quality products very quickly. Our team comprises 25 dedicated team members. We are capable to produce around 6000 3D wall panels per month.

Green Home, Healthy Nature
Our Company was not established as a profit-making machine. We understand our social and environmental responsibility completely and also encourage our customers to follow the same path. Bringing you the perfect alternative to wood, our products use materials that completely avoid any harmful chemicals. We have showcased that cutting trees to make excellent design solutions is not necessary. Our 3D wall panels are as outstanding in appearance as anything in this world can be. And all this has been made possible without using wood in any form. A small change can go a thousand miles and by just opting to use our products, you do your bit for the environment. One woodless home brings us a step closer to a healthier nature. So, choose greener homes for a better environment.
We are The Precursor of 3D Wall Panels

CLASIC DECORATES 3D WALL PANEL is an innovative, durable, eco-friendly product that will create new possibilities for interior design, in contrast to conventional wall reconstruction techniques it has become a design construction material of the 21st century. CLASSIC DECORATES turn wall into a piece of art .with our unique collection of highly modern and sophisticated 3 Dimensional panels your home, office, or workplace will be transformed from
an average-looking space to an extraordinary and modern-looking designer dream that too
with an affordable and cost-effective price. Our designers create collections that are unique and different and embody all the dimensions of impeccable taste, innovation, and superb craftsmanship to set a new standard of quality . CLASSIC DECORATES panels because of their easy installation are also suitable for roofs/ceilings and can be painted in any color of your choice.

Area Of Application

Widely used for Residential &commercial projects like Flats, Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts Farmhouses, Banquet Halls, Shopping complexes, Retail outlets, Corporate offices, Trade show Exhibitions, Decorative tents, Event stage, and many other places.



CLASSIC DECORTES 3D wall panel is made from environmental PVC materials. 100% safe for people and environment.


CLASSIC DECORATES 3D wall panel high resistance to shocks and external forces.It’s super durable & ultra lighweight.


CLASSIC DECORATES 3D wall panels 100% water proof .Easy cleaning and maintenance free.


CLASSIC DECORATES 3D wall panel volumetric properes that provide diffusing characteristics of acoustic energy


CLASSIC DECORATES 3D wall panel is completely resistant to termites and fungal attacks.


CLASSIC DECORATES 3D wall panel certified fire rang class A. Especially resistant to high temperatures, fire, and flame